Welcome to my website! It contains several pieces that I've written and photographs I've taken, featured on cool places like Food52 and Saveur.com. In a nutshell, I'm a creative go-getter who does best with juggling three projects at once. My life's passion is food, and I've spent my time thus far working my way through every aspect of the industry: from production to writing to advocacy. I believe in ethical farming, food transparency, and environmental education.

A Southern native, I moved north to get a B.A. in Art History at Williams College, where I worked dawn hours in the college bakery and spent a summer making cheese on a nearby farm. After graduation I moved to New York with one suitcase and a naive conviction that I could find a reasonably priced apartment on the island of Manhattan.

There, I worked two internships; one at the nonprofit Hot Bread Kitchen and the other at the cooking/lifestyle website Food52, and paid the bills by managing the online presence of author Simon Winchester, tutoring, and fact-checking for the print publication Lucky Peach.

After my internships concluded, Food52 asked me to stay on as their Community Manager. I spent the next nine months creating content for existing social media accounts, exploring new ones, and editing a column all about meat (despite being a pescetarian). After a year in New York, I decided it was time for a change of scene. After a brief travel spree visiting friends everywhere from Seattle to Vienna, I settled in Charleston, SC.

I took advantage of my time in a small, culinary-obsessed town to learn everything I could about the food industry. From baking at Sugar Bakeshop to volunteering at school garden-building nonprofit Green Heart and menu planning at Collective Coffee, I had quite a good time exploring. While there, I regularly contributed to various online and print publications, such as The Local Palate and Lucky Peach. 

I'm currently across the pond in London pursuing a Master's program in the Anthropology of Food, focusing on agrarian development and food policy. When not in school, I'm most likely honing my latte art skills, taking a walk, or eating a pastry. Let's get a pint together.